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Feeding transformers and distribution boxes
Caruna: The distribution box is measured as a point, Muutamo as a line that is closed, i.e. 5 measuring points.
  1. Select the measurement type from the main screen
  2. Select the measurement object e.g. distribution cabinet/enclosure
  3. Depth is not measured, so you can start from either the main unit or the depth gauge
  4. Enter the code of the transformer station or distribution cabinet Mxxxxxxxx or Jyyyyyy
  5. Press Enter, which starts the measurement
  6. The data is passed on and automatically generated in the TKY file
The product cannot access the network and cannot retrieve the time

The product first retrieves the clock from the mobile network and then from the clock server. If the search does not work immediately, a connection to the network is attempted for 3 minutes, after which the product restarts. If the product cannot access the network and get the time, for example, 10 minutes. Take a break of e.g. 15minutes by turning the product off and restart the product. This will allow the mobile network to bring the product back online. An alternative solution is to use WLAN sharing via the WIFI base station of your own phone.