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Fieldsight Wear, worn by the worker, transmits its location to the "Nodes" installed at the site, from where the data is further transmitted to the cloud for real-time location data (RTLS) calculation.

Fieldsight Wear can be attached to the worker in a number of ways, e.g. on equipment, on a belt, on the wrist, or it can be worn as a keyring. The device transmits location and security information via Bluetooth and has an open space range of up to 150-200 metres.

Safety at work on high construction sites or in tunnels underground. With our service, you can easily see which floor workers are on in the event of an incident. Evacuation and assistance can be immediately targeted to the right locations, saving time and lives.

The real-time location (anonymised or by name) and status of employees is displayed in real-time in a browser-based tracking interface.

Detected alarms can be forwarded to a third-party alarm system or to a selected target group (e.g. the guard at the gate, the site manager or the immediate supervisor).

Fieldsight Gateway is used in a wide range of applications in the security system for data channelling, equipment location and alarms. The device can be used to immediately send an alert to the operator and to the cloud service in the event of an incident between machines and people, thus preventing potential collisions.

Digital security innovation

Easy deployment

  • The service may not need to be integrated into your own IT infrastructure, saving costs
  • Wearable Fieldsight Wear can be attached in many ways
  • Easy to use
  • Data can be easily integrated with existing access control systems (e.g. Abloy Cloud)
  • GDPR-friendly, i.e. data about individuals can be transmitted anonymously

Diverse job security

  • Worker's location and status (active, immobile)
  • Worker alerts in the event of an incident
  • Fleet location information as well as dead-reckoning positioning
  • Location segment and floor
  • Warnings in case of danger and accidents
  • Information on hazardous conditions for workers


  • Wireless access control is cost-effective and easy to implement with the Mesh network
  • Connectivity in challenging environments is needed from only one or a few locations and save expensive cabling work












Wireless access control

 Wireless access control replaces manual access control by sharing location data in real time, targeting the worker to the floor and segment of the building. Our service's operating system shows when an employee has entered and left the area.

Worker and equipment location data

With location data, you increase worker safety by sharing the location of the worker in the area in real time (RTLS). The worker can be located by location and floor. A solution connected to vehicles warns of potential collision situations.

Automated occupational safety and preventive warnings

Automated security alerts you to an approaching security threshold using location data. The worker can also manually alert help using the Fieldsight Wear device. Automatic alerts are triggered by collision and immobility situations. The solution can also be used to measure the time spent in a hazardous area (e.g. Radon) and collect exposure times in a dedicated system.

"Lonely worker"

The Fieldsight Wear, which can be attached to the worker, and the Fieldsight Gateway, which can be attached to the vehicle fleet, can be used to track the location and movement of a worker working alone and improve workplace safety in challenging environments. Real-time information about the lone worker's condition is provided, so that in the event of an accident, help can be called immediately. The version of the device also comes with positioning to an accuracy of 1 cm depending on the intended use.


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