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Fieldsight GEO - Traficom's Regulation 71 solution

What is the Traficom M71 requirement?

The purpose of the Traficom Regulation is to ensure a sufficient level of accuracy and interoperability of the data to be submitted to the central information point, as defined in the Act on the Shared Construction and Use of Network Infrastructure (276/2016). The purpose of the regulation is to promote the co-development and use of networks and to reduce damage to network infrastructure caused by civil engineering works.

Traficom Regulation M71 entered into force on 1.6.2020. It applies to the transmission of data on communication, energy, water supply and transport networks. For new network infrastructures and active network elements built from 1 January 2021, the regulation requires the reporting of network position data in x and y coordinates with an accuracy of ± 10 cm in urban areas and ± 50 cm outside urban areas, as well as z coordinate or position depth data with an accuracy of ± 10 cm. The accuracy requirements of surveyors are often more precise than the accuracy required by the regulation. Data must be provided as vector data to the Location Information Service from 1 April 2022.

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Caruna's positioning challenge

We joined the innovation challenge (2019) of Finland's largest economist Caruna to develop a solution that complies with Traficom's M71 regulation. In about six months, we came up with a working concept for FIELDSIGHT GEO, a product that practically solved the problems of Caruna's challenge. After winning the innovation competition, the product and service were developed in close cooperation with economists and contractors into an easy-to-use, complete solution that would be suitable for the different network construction parties. Now, in 2022, a third generation of the product and solution will be available for more demanding applications, significantly streamlining cabling processes.

Fieldsight GEO

Our FIELDSIGHT GEO solution meets the challenges posed by the Traficom regulation, for example, by going well beyond the accuracy requirement for location data by reporting location data up to cm accuracy. The GEO device sends the data required by the regulation (including, for example, the location x,y,z, cable depth and protection class) to a cloud service, from where the data is transmitted to a browser-based real-time monitoring interface. In addition, the data is automatically converted into the correct format for the surveyor's GEO data format, ending up directly in a system such as Trimble NIS. The FIELDSIGHT GEO product helps the civil engineer to achieve better quality immediately on site by monitoring measurement accuracy, measurement interval and other quality parameters while digitally documenting the work performed. This avoids potentially costly construction errors at the site. The existing infrastructure is visible on the map and the associated risks are avoided. The quality of the work done and verified is immediately documented and invoiced. As a result, the business risks for the builder and contractor are also minimised with real-time quality assurance. Red-pencil markings on paper drawings, e.g. about the start and end of protection classes, can be forgotten when the work is documented digitally with Fieldsight.

Benefits of Fieldsight GEO in a nutshell

  • Traficom M71-data in the Regulation compatibility
  • Quality assurance during the work significantly reduces construction errors
  • Project monitoring simplifies
  • High quality work invoiceable immediately after the day when the main contractor and the builder business risk is minimised
  • GEO data from automatic processing and conversion to the economist's data format save at significantly in terms of resources
  • The surveying resource can focus on the essentials i.e. checking real-time data and finalising the spatial data
  • Simple, affordable tool for digital documentation of fieldwork
  • All required field documentation including 360° images and ditch view at the click of a button
  • The solution promotes the green transition: real-time information and images significantly reduce travel to the site, thus reducing CO2 emissions


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