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Cable positioning

About Us

Wizense Oy was established in 2016. Our team has a background in implementing wireless products and services for the global market in companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, Nokia Networks, KeyPro.

We specialise in positioning products and technology that are integrated into the company's Fieldsight® products and solutions. We manufacture electronic products and are a provider of geospatial solutions.

Our products are used in industrial applications related to infrastructure, passenger and vehicle tracking in often challenging industrial environments such as on land, in forests, on railways, in ports, etc. Depending on the application, the positioning accuracy ranges from segment diameter to centimetre level. Designed for global distribution, our products and solutions are constantly evolving and integrating into customer applications.

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Who we are?

Management Team

Jussi Heiskanen

CEO, Programmes
Antti Heino

Antti Heino

Business development


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