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Products from our Fieldsight series

Positioning, security, wireless connectivity and inertia identification for challenging industrial conditions


Fieldsight Wear

Traveling with an employee

  • Usage for occupational safety
  • Employee's location indoors and outdoors
  • Wireless access control
  • Collision hazards
  • Alarms and indications
  • Motion detection and user gestures
  • Black box for analyzing accidents


Fieldsight (RTK) Gateway

Combines data with multiple radios, sensors and routes

  • RTK positioning of equipment (GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/QZSS)
  • Industrial Router 2-4G (150/50Mbit), Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth LE/Serial, BT Mesh
  • IoT Edge GW
  • Wireless or wired sensoring of the environment
  • Safety of personnel and automatic equipment



Fieldsight GEO

Cost-effective centimeter positioning

  • Centimeter positioning unit (GNSS), accuracy 0-3cm
  • Cable positioning
  • Surveying
  • Inertia sensor, 9-axis
  • Real-time data reporting and documentation
  • Meets the positioning accuracy of traficom regulation 71

Fieldsight GEO Handle

For depth measurement

  • Measures depth with cm accuracy
  • Used in combination with Fieldsight GEO and measuring rod



Fieldsight TAG

Inertia data collection and sensor unit for industrial use

The Fieldsight TAG sensor and data exchange unit developed for industrial usage can be used for various types of inertia data collection needs, for example. The device can be driven with batteries or accumulators depending on the need for use. The product supports different types of fastening methods, such as super magnet. The device can be easily customized for the customer's needs and brand. Works well with Fieldsight Gateway, so that the information can be combined from e.g. moving vehicles to the customer interface.

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