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Fieldsight GEO – Traficom's Order 71 solution

What is the Traficom M71 requirement?

The purpose of traficom's regulation is to ensure an adequate level of accuracy and interoperability of the data to be delivered to the one-stop data point referred to in the Act on the Joint Construction and Use of Network Infrastructure (276/2016). The purpose of the order is to promote the joint construction and use of networks and to reduce damage to network infrastructure caused by civil engineering work.

Traficom's order M71 entered into force on 1 June 2020. It shall apply to the provision of information on communications, energy, water supply and transport networks. The Regulation requires that new network infrastructures and active network components built as of 1 January 2021 be reported on network location data with x and y coordinates in the urban area with an accuracy of ± 10 cm, outside it with an accuracy of ± 50 cm, and the depth data of the z coordinate or position with an accuracy of ± 10 cm. The accuracy requirements of network owners are often more accurate than the accuracy required by the regulation. The data must be submitted as vector data to the Location Information Service as of 1 April 2022.


Caruna's positioning challenge

In due course, we joined the innovation challenge (2019) of Caruna, Finland's largest network owner, to develop a solution that meets Traficom's M71 regulation. Over the course of about six months, a working concept was created for fieldsight GEO, which practically solved the problems posed by Caruna's challenge. After the victory of the innovation competition, the product and service were developed closely in cooperation with network owners and contractors into an easy-to-use overall solution suitable for the purposes of the different network building parties. Now, in 2022, there is a third generation of the product and solution for more demanding use, which significantly enhances cabling processes.

Fieldsight GEO

Our FIELDSIGHT GEO solution is responsible for e.g. The challenges posed by Traficom's order by far exceeding the accuracy requirement for location data by reporting location data up to cm-accuracy. The GEO device sends the information required by the order (including, for example, location data x,y,z, cable count depth and security category) to the cloud service, from where the data is transmitted to a browser-based real-time tracking interface. In addition, the data is automatically converted in the correct format to the network owner's GEO data format, reaching the Trimble NIS system directly, for example.  The FIELDSIGHT GEO product helps the land builder to make better quality right away at the site, monitoring the measurement accuracy, measurement interval and other quality parameters of the work done digitally. This avoids any costly construction errors at the site.  The existing infrastructure is seen on a map and the associated dangers are avoided. The high-quality work done and secured is immediately documented and billable. Thus, business risks for the landbuilder and contractor are also minimal due to real-time quality assurance. Red pen markings on paper drawings, e.g. you can forget about the start and end of security classes when your work is digitally documented using the Fieldsight solution.

The benefits of Fieldsight GEO are summarised

  • Compatibility of data in Traficom M71
  • Quality assurance during work significantly reduces building defects
  • Project monitoring simplifies
  • High-quality work can be invoiced immediately after the day, when the business risk of the main contractor and the land builder is minimised
  • Automatic processing and conversion of GEO data to the network owner's data format saves significantly in resourcing
  • The national land survey resource can focus on the material, i.e. checking real-time data and finalising spatial data
  • A simple, inexpensive tool for digital documentation of fieldwork
  • All required field documentation including 360° images and ditch view at a single click of a button
  • The solution promotes the green transition: real-time data and images significantly reduce travel to the site, thus reducing CO2 emissions

Are you interested?

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